Saturday, November 4, 2017

Fall Fairs 2017

With the cooler weather comes fall fairs! In our neck of the woods the weather wasn't all that cool but the fairs were better than ever. I got to meet some bloggers and artists I stalk  follow as well as shop owners and ladies who have become friends as I have shopped, photographed and shared here. You will find links to the various artists throughout this post.

The first fair was the Pro.found Vintage Market. If that sounds vaguely familiar I did a ticket giveaway a while back and one lucky-ducky reader won the tickets. Three business collaborated to pull this off: The Purple Rose, Laurel Grove and The Vintage Prairie Home.

Ready? Let's go!

I am such a fan of this couple's work. This is felted wool that the wife works on and the husband does the wood work!


These rusty metal cut work pieces would be a perfect gift for any man cave! Grab Our Junk


This was a truck that had been turned into a traveling flower shop! The blooms were beautiful and the perfect accent for those new purchases. Wildflower Truck

Some vendors I visited here: Found Things, Violet and Sage Vintage, Vintage Anthropology, The Belmont Ranch, The Cozy Cottage, White Cottage, Captiva, The Boxwood Garden and the list goes on. You can find more vendors here with contact information.

Next up was The Market Place At Adams Farm, fun by the ladies at The Vintage Thymes. I've written about this one before and this year did not disappoint! These are some of the things I spied:

Some of the vendors I visited here are Driftwood Lake Cottage, Cerulean, NBJ Shabby Chic, Vintage Haven, and Mary Ellen and Sandy's Vintage Home. Again, not an exhaustive list. You'll just have to make it a point to attend next year to make sure you see them all!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Nontraditional Fall Colors in the Living Room

Wait! What happened? I purposed to not lament the passing of summer this year. Instead, I was going to relish the coming of cooler weather. I was going to revel in the unearthing of my favorite boots from the pile in the back of my closet. I thought I would rejoice as I wakened my old favorite sweaters from their summer slumber.  I was going to have my home decorated for the season ahead of the game giving you all ideas and inspiration to decorate your homes for family and guests, alike. But, life happens. Sometimes it is messy and all our plans have to give way to what the Lord has for us.

That being said, my home is decorated for the season. I had been sharing with you some of the projects I was working on to get it ready for the decorating (here, here and here). This year I decided to hold onto some of summer color and deviate from the traditional oranges and yellows that come with the season.

As I am writing this I am also realizing I had not yet shared with you the finished living room. Remember in February of this year we ripped that room apart when we decided to move the television to a different wall. That turned into a slew of projects that encompassed three rooms in our home. (You can read about them here, here and here.)

 So without any further delay (or better late than never) this is our living room, dressed in it's autumn regalia. 

I repainted the inside of my hutch top to white. 

This is the tv wall that started all the projects this year.

I love the lighting we chose for this room. While I was taking pictures one of the new shows was on HGTV and look at the light! GAH!

Are they doing the hand-jive? 

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you are all decorated for the season and enjoying the time as you ready for the fast approaching holidays. 


Saturday, September 30, 2017

DIY Wood Bead Tutorial

Wooden Beads.

You've seen them everywhere!

Do I want to pay $20 plus shipping and handling? Um... no. Not to mention the fact that the ones I have seen are only about 16-18 inches long. I can do better than that.... so can you.

I went to my craft store and found wood beads in the unpainted wood section. I bought 2 bags. They were about $4 each but you know me... I had a coupon for 50% off and I used it. (I also made my daughter do it for me. That means I paid $4 for all my beads.)

I had the jute/twine at home. I use it for lots of things in the house and out in the garden. You can find it at you local craft store for $3-$4. It always a good thing to have on hand but again, buy it with a coupon!

There were over 30 beads in each of my bags. This is gonna be way longer than 16 inches! I grabbed my twine and used some clear tape. Tape the end of the twine so it slides through the beads easily without unraveling or catching.

When all the beads were strung I cut my twine so that each end had about an extra 6 inches.

Now, for the tassels. I cut two 6 inch pieces of twine and set them aside.

Using the  ball of twine, I wrapped it around my hand about 8 times and cut it from the ball.

I fed the twine on one end of my beads through the top of my wrapped hand, slide the hand out and tie if off tight. Pull the end of the knot down into the tassel or clip it and tuck it under. Using one of the 6 inch pieces cut previously, wrap and tie off one inch from the top of the wrapped twine. Cut your looped ends to open them up into a tassel.

Repeat for the other end. You can make these look neater by hot glueing the ends of the wrap down or just leave them and make the ends part of the tassel like I did.

I trimmed my ends to make them the roughly the same length. I was not happy with the scrawny tassel so I grabbed a safety pen and picked the strands apart. Once all the strands were unraveled I took both ends in hand and gave them another haircut.

My strand is 46" long, boasts 67 beads and I am estimating it cost me less than $6 when all was said and done. That's decorating on a budget!

I love them and decided to make another strand with larger beads for the living room. 

Now it's your turn. 
Thanks for visiting with me today! Happy Fall! 

It's party time!
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